Type 2
The Helper, The Pleaser, “The Need To Be Needed”

Examples: St. John, Mother Theresa, Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Marvel), Elastigirl (The Incredibles) The Giving Tree

Basic Fear: Of being unloved and unwanted for themselves alone.

Basic Desire: To feel loved

Superego Message: “You are good or okay if you are loved by others and are close to them.”

Under Stress: 8
Towards Integration: 4

Riso-Hudson: The Caring, Interpersonal Type: Generous, Demonstrative, People-pleasing and Possessive
Type 3
The Achiever, The Best, “The Need To Succeed”

Examples: King David, Jacob/Israel, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Steven Colbert, Rachel (Friends), Jamie Lannister (GOT), Wonder Woman (DC), Daenerys Targaryen (GOT), Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel)

Basic Fear: Of being worthless, without value apart from their achievements

Basic Desire: To feel worthwhile, accepted and desirable

Superego Message: “You are good or okay as long as you are successful and others think well of you."

Under Stress: 9
Towards Integration: 6

Riso-Hudson: The Success-oriented, Pragmatic Type, Adaptable, Excelling, Driven and Image-conscious
Type 4
The Individualist, The Romantic, “The Need To Be Special”

Examples: The Prophet Jeremiah, Soren Kierkegaard, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, Phoebe (Friends), Scarlet Witch (Marvel)

Basic Fear: Of having no identity, no personal significance

Basic Desire: To find themselves and their significance, to create an identity out of their inner experience

Superego Message: “You are good or okay if you are true to yourself.”

Under Stress: 2
Towards Integration: 1

Riso-Hudson: The Sensitive, Withdrawn Type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self-absorbed and temperamental
Type 5
The Investigator, The Thinker, “The Need To Perceive”

Examples: St. Thomas Aquinas, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Tyrion Lannister (GOT), Sherlock Holmes, Ross (Friends), Bruce Banner/Hulk, Dr. Strange (Marvel), Batman (DC)

Basic Fear: Of being helpless, useless, incapable and overwhelmed

Basic Desire: To be capable and competent

Superego Message: “You are good or okay if you have mastered something.”

Under Stress: 7
Towards Integration: 8

Riso-Hudson: The Intense, Cerebral Type: Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive and Isolated
Type 6
The Loyalist, The Loyal-Skeptic, The Doubter, “The Need For Security”

Examples: St. Peter, Tom Hanks, Jay Leno, RFK, Bruce Springsteen, Charlie Brown, Black Panther (Marvel), Chandler (Friends), Rey (Star Wars), Sam (LOTR), Chewbacca (Star Wars)

Basic Fear: Of having no support or guidance, of being unable to survive on their own

Basic Desire: To find security and support

Superego Message: “You are good or okay if you do what’s expected of you.”

Under Stress: 3
Towards Integration: 9

Riso-Hudson: The Committed, Security-oriented type: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious and Suspicious
Type 7
The Adventurer, The Enthusiast, “The Need To Avoid Pain”

Examples: King Solomon, Mozart, JFK, Scarlett O’Hara, Ben Franklin, Oberyn Martell (GOT), Joey (Friends), Tigger (Winnie the Pooh), Thor, Indiana Jones

Basic Fear: Of being deprived and trapped in pain

Basic Desire: To be happy, satisfied, to find fulfillment

Superego Message: “You are good or okay if you get what you need.”

Under Stress: 1
Towards Integration: 5

Riso-Hudson: The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive and Scattered
Type 8
The Challenger, The Leader, “The Need To Be Against”

Examples: Deborah, Samson, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra, Martin Luther King Jr., Andrew Jackson, Han Solo (Star Wars), Black Widow (Marvel), Wolverine (Marvel) Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting)

Basic Fear: Of being harmed or controlled by others, of violation

Basic Desire: To protect themselves, to determine their own course in life

Superego Message: “You are good or okay if you are strong and in control of your situation.”

Under Stress: 5
Towards Integration: 2

Riso-Hudson: The Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful and Confrontational
Type 9
The Peacemaker, The Healer, “The Need To Avoid”

Examples: Jonah, Abe Lincoln, Carl Jung, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, Walt Disney, Aragorn, Luke (Star Wars), Falcon (Marvel)

Basic Fear: Of loss and separation of annihilation

Basic Desire: To maintain their inner stability and peace of mind.

Superego Message: “You are good or okay as long as those around you are good or okay.”

Under Stress: 6
Towards Integration: 3

Riso-Hudson: The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable and Complacent
Type 1
The Reformer, The Perfectionist “The Need To Be Perfect”

Examples: St. Paul, Martin Luther, Plato, Gandhi, Al Gore, Lisa (the Simpsons), Monica (Friends), Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Ned Stark (GOT), Captain America, Superman/Clark Kent

Basic Fear: Of being bad, evil, defective or corrupt.

Basic Desire: To be good, virtuous, in balance and to have integrity.

Superego Message: “You are good or okay if you do what is right.”

Under Stress: 4
Towards Integration: 7

Riso-Hudson: “The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-controlled and Perfectionistic